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About Santa Monica

One of the most popular and chic areas in Los Angeles county, Santa Monica is the center of attraction of Los Angeles. The famous Santa Monica pier and its ferris wheel has been an icon in many movies and music videos. This iconic city has been the dream of many to live in. Although the city is crawling with tourists and properties are rented out at very high prices, there is no doubt that properties in Santa Monica are still rented out fast. People are not only paying for the location, they are mostly paying for the beautiful view and the crisp smell of the ocean. There is no stopping people from achieving their dream of being inches away from the sea. Why not make your dream become a reality?

Your LA itinerary will never be complete if you don’t make your way and stop in Santa Monica. There are so many spots to see and choose from. The iconic Santa Monica Pier is a must see, it is where all tourists go to. Other than the Hollywood sign, this landmark is one place you can really say that you have been to Los Angeles.